Sports Performance

Ryan and Hoover Baseball Team

Whether you're an elite athlete at the college or professional level, trying to make your varsity team, or just looking to improve your skills, WPI's Sports Performance coaches can take you to the next level.  Our sports training programs are created specifically for serious athletes that want to stay a step ahead of the competition. 


Through sport and position specific training, we focus on core strength and control, balance, flexibility, functional strength, and plyometrics...all designed to enhance your performance ability while decreasing your risk of injury.  We don't want to just help you achieve a higher level of play, we want to help you stay there. 

In addition to general Sports Performance workouts, we also offer...



Bring your whole team or specific members for challenging sport-specific workouts that are customized to your specific goals.  These progressive workouts teach safe movement mechanics while building strength, agility, speed and cooperation.



In speed training our Sports Performance trainers will focus on proper sprinting mechanics, developing explosive power, core stability, increasing balance and coordination through full range of motion, improving footwork, enhanced acceleration, deceleration and change of direction, as well as improved flexibility. 

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